Kate Lloyd

"Lloyd's very enjoyable read has just enough twists, turns, and romance to delight any Amish fiction reader."

Suzanne Woods Fisher, bestselling author

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Stories of Second Chances

Come, venture into Kate's fictional world. No secrets hidden under her rugs, nor neglected childhood passions stilting her characters' growth, nor feuds splitting families down to their very foundations.

Or are there?

Did you know that more than 90% of public libraries have e-book collections that you can read on your devices? And if you're not into e-readers, my books, in both print and e-book formats, are available at your local public library.

So whether you're trying to save shelf space, decluttering your electronic devices, reducing your consumption of resources, or saving money, head over to your public library either in person or online, and read!

Amish Women Wearing Red and Bathing Suits? Find out in Kate's guest blog post over at Amish Wisdom.

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